These days, the number of children with obesity has rapidly increased due to many factors. Finding healthy activities for your children is becoming more and more important. Besides the higher risks for diseases, this problem often results in poor self-esteem and social discrimination.

More and more kids are turning to hand-held electronic devices and television to entertain themselves, which is basically the main cause of this shift in rising rate of obesity. Therefore, it is really important to teach your children to step outside and do some healthy activities.

According to the guidelines of doctors, adults and children should engage at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. However, you need to find a creative and fun way to make you kids love those activities instead of playing video game. Do not worry, we will show you a list of interesting and healthy activities and how to add them to the daily life of you children.

Advantages of healthy activities for children

It might be challenging to convince your children to eat green vegetables or to be more active during the day, but they are really important for the proper development and growth in their childhood. In general, the healthy lifestyle that your kids develop when they are young will usually affect how healthy they will be in the future.

You would try those flexible and fun activities below so that your children can be healthy and lean:

Low stamina

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Those healthy activities for children are basically low-key and do not need a lot of stamina. They are especially suitable being in shape or for the afternoon.

  • Walking around the neighborhood
  • Hiking: No matter where you are living, a hiking trail is not so difficult to find.
  • A picnic at the park: You would encourage your children to have a healthy diet by cooking healthy meal with them too!
  • Go to the park and walk there:  If you have a dog, you could see if the park near you is pet-friendly and go there to enjoy pleasant time with your family as well as your furry friend.

Moderate and high stamina

Those healthy activities for children kids are especially suitable for a fun adventure at the weekend or a hot afternoon.


  • Swimming: whether it is at the beach or the pool. If going to the beach, you could encourage you kids to play in the sand, build sand castles or dig for shell. All of these activities are really fun and healthy for children.
  • Gardening with your kids: They will love helping you with something in the garden feeling accomplished after they have done.
  • Playing the favourite sports: basketball, soccer, hockey, football or baseball, etc. They will love learning about something that you are also interested in. It is a good way make a strong bond between you and your kids.
  • Running with your kids: If you have a pet, you could also bring them. Running is basically a good way to get rid of stress and stay in shape.
  • Scavenger hunt: This activity will keep your children entertained for many hours. In addition, moving around your house will also burn a few amount of calories.

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Indoor activities

For healthy and fun activity indoors for your children, consider cooking a good meal. They will enjoy helping you with some tasks and be so proud to eat their own food so that they will ignore that they are eating something healthy. In addition, you child also burns calories when cooking. The average number is approximately 90 calories each hour of cooking, depending on some factors such as your weight as well as height.